Charles C Clear, based in Cumberland, RI and a professional muralist for 30 years, created The Beswick Peacock mural for the historic Beswick Building inspired by an antique poster found in the building during a recent renovation project. In addition to murals, Clear creates paintings on canvases including portraits, crafts mosaics, and also undertakes restoration work. In 2016 he repainted the historic dome of the Rhode Island State House. He has also restored a mural in a mansion in Newport, and murals in severeal area churches. For more about the artist, visit:


Used by tenants for many commerical and social activities over the years, The Beswick Building was built in 1891 by Francis Beswick and her son, Thomas. The building was remodeled in the 1920's and then again in the 1940's. Although neglected for a number of years, the building's current owners, Manny Cabral, Alain Noiset, and Cynthia Langlykke are currently in the process of restoring it to its Art Deco splendor. For more about the building, visit:

In 1996, the building was used as the location of the filming of American Buffallo starring Dustin Hoffman, Dennis Franz and Sean Nelson. Pawtucket was chosen because it was the hometown of the director, Michael Corrente.








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