Rivermaid by Linda Dewing


Linda Dewing’s The Rivermaid brings a subtle touch of mythology to Main Street.  The small-scale sculpture lived with the artist for about twenty years before finding its way into the fountain of the Lawrence A. McCarthy Mall, a small plaza outside of Sovereign bank. Nevertheless, even there the sculpture stayed close to the artist, who worked from her Places & Spaces Realty, LLC office next door, a venture she started with her partner, before the office moved locations to the East Side of Providence.

Dewing created the sculpture when she was a Sculptor-in-Residence at the Saint-Gaudens estatein New Hampshire, the oldest artist residency program in the National Park Service. The residency is open to figurative sculptors who make their work in the park’s facilities and teach sculpture workshops on the basics of figuration, mold making, and casting. While there, Dewing became fascinated with the mythology surrounding mermaids, and created this model, which she had cast at the Paul King Foundry in Johnston, Rhode Island.

A long-time resident of Rhode Island, Dewing became a happy resident of a Riverfront Loft in 2003 and has since been a fixture of the Pawtucket community and art scene. Dewing keeps busy running her company Places & Spaces Realty, LLC, and serves on the board of the Pawtucket Foundation, working as an advocate for the betterment of the City of Pawtucket.

Todd Stong

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