Threadflow by Gera Lozano (GERALUZ) and Werc Alverez


Based in Brooklyn, NY, Gera Lozano and Werc Alverez work together to paint murals that are about the beautification of public spaces, community empowerment, and art as a healing tool. They have painted murals in cities through the US and Europe.

Lozano explains, Public Art brings forth the magic and wonder of its natural environment. I believe the word “public” in Public Art is the people, the history, and natural phenomena of the place.  My process includes an archaeological approach to research, and documenting the distinctive characteristics of each place. Honoring the original spirit of the site, and transforming the history & energy of the place into pieces that exists organically and harmoniously in their surroundings.

The artists created the design for Threadflow in reponse to the City's call for a mural that expressed “community, diversity and/or the vitality that has defined downtown Pawtucket.” The artists created images that reference the city’s diversity, its industrial past in producing cotton yarn, and symbols of spirituality. There are connections to cotton and the land, birds of migration and mill history, and the mirrored shapes of arrows as a tribute to early native and indigenous peoples.

The 200 x 15 ft. mural depicts realisticly rendered images against a colorful patterned background producing a bold, lively effect that blends the past with the present.



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