Compund Camera by Pnuehaus: Matt Muller, Augie Lehrecke, and Levi Bedall


The team of Pneuhaus erected a vinyl imflatable dome imbedded with multiple camera lenses for the 2017 Pawtucket Arts Festival event in Slater Memorial Park on September 9 and 10, 2017. Visitors to the event were invited to experience 360 degree projected images by entering the dome.

from 2017 Pawtucket Arts Festival website

Pneuhaus is Matt Muller, Augie Lehrecke, and Levi Bedall. Together they work as a design collective playing within the fields of spatial design, temporary structures, and contemporary art to create large-scale immersive environments that relate to human scale. They focus on inflatables as their medium since inflatables are flexible to the environment, evoke playfulness, and are underutilized in contemporary design. For the 2017 PAF, Pneuhaus plans to create a twist on a camera-obscura they’re calling Compound Camera.

Pneuhaus’ Compound Camera is an immersive installation that plays with optics and perspective. Like their previous work, Compound Camera is a 20′ inflatable installation that audience members can stand and sit within. Pneuhaus describes the installation this way:

“The way we see the world around us is completely mediated by our brains. As we move around, images projected into our eyes are stitched together to construct our notion of reality. We never truly see anything without our brains translating a raw image. The Compound Camera delves into this phenomena by presenting viewers with a means of seeing all of these fragmented images on a single plane in a single moment. The installation takes the form of a freestanding inflated dome structure, dotted with hundreds of identical camera-obscuras. Each camera points out in at a different angle, projecting a slightly different perspective than its surrounding counterparts. Upon entering the space, viewers will be presented with hundreds of fragmented images projected on to a single plane.”



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