Payne Park is a cultural and recreational center for our Woodlawn neighborhood where we want a vibrant creative expression in this important public space. The Park is a 1.2-acre multi-use community greenspace where recent and ongoing park improvements include a new playground, public exercise equipment, new basketball courts, a splash park, rain gardens, extensive landscaping, and a passive recreation portion that includes three separate free-standing concrete mural walls. The Payne Park Mural Project is made possible in part by a Rhode Island Foundation Community Grant. 

From fifteen applicants, three artists have been chosen as finalists. Each of these three artists has submitted a proposal with images that illustrate their design for the mural project along with a description of their concept. The art who was selected to paint the mural is Kit Collins.

The mural should be completed during the summer of 2020.

Murals will be painted on the front and back of three free-standing walls.


Winning proposal for the mural design.





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