PRIVATELY OWNED ART on view to the public


Berger Recycling Mural
Artist: Fisiha Likke
Date: 2011
Material: acrylic paint
Commission/Funding: Berger Recycling, Pawtucket Arts Funding Program
Location: Front Street and Blackstone Avenue


Gold International Machinery Mural
Artist: Alan Guyett
Year: 1979
Material: latex paint
Commission/Funding: Gold International Machinery Co.
Location: Thurston Stret and Newell Avenue


We Are the Future
Artists: Dauna Jean Nobel
Year: 2009, Removed 2017
Materials: Latex paint
Commission/Funding: My Turn, Inc.
Location: N. Union facing the parking lot behind China Inn


Bird Woman
Artist: Peruko Ccopacatty
Material: metal
Owners: Phyllis and Morris Nathanson
Location: 163 Exchange Street



PawSox Murals
Artist: Tayo Heuser
Date: 1977
Material: acrylic paint on canvas
Commission: McCoy Stadium
Location: McCoy Stadium


Gold Spinners
Artist: David Teng Olsen
Date: 2019
Material: latex and oil paint
Commission/Funding: Wayne Rosenberg, grant from Wellsley College
Location: 881 Main Street



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